About Sara Landon

Sara Landon is a globally celebrated transformational leader, entrepreneur, spiritual advisor, and channel of The Council. The Council is an energetic presence of expanded awareness and higher-level consciousness offering a grander perspective of the human experience and The Wisdom to live one’s highest potential. Together, Sara and The Council are guiding people to answer the profound questions:

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What is my life's purpose and how do I live it?

Sara began receiving spontaneous written and verbal communication from The Council while working in a highly successful, yet very stressful, corporate career. Burned out, feeling lost and alone in a failing marriage, facing life-threating cancer, and unsure how to get on the right path to living a meaningful life, Sara began using and applying The Wisdom offered by The Council. Her life started to transform in miraculous ways and for the first time ever, she experienced a level of purpose, peace, and freedom that she had never imagined possible.

Sara later left her corporate career and has devoted her life to channeling, teaching and living The Wisdom of The Council so that others may experience the joy of living their greatest life possible.  Countless people around the world have applied The Wisdom of The Council to create profound change in their careers, businesses, relationships, health, and daily lives.

The basic teachings from The Wisdom of The Council:

  • There is only love.
  • There is a Divine Plan for your life.
  • You create your life with your thoughts.
  • You are meant to live a life that is joyful.
  • You are everything you wish to be, you already are.
  • Your feelings are emotional indicators to how closely you are aligned with your Soul.
  • You can create your desires easily, effortlessly, and harmoniously when you are aligned to your Soul.
  • You have everything you need within you to create everything that you desire.
  • You are worthy of having it all.
  • You wouldn’t have a dream in your heart if you were not capable of achieving it.

You can interact personally with Sara and The Council by joining their Masters Class Membership Program. Each monthly call is like your own private session, as you receive the real-time guidance and support you need to live The Wisdom in your everyday life experience.

Sara and The Council offer numerous online courses to help you go deeper into the specific topics most near and dear to you and private sessions to help you gain greater clarity, release blocks, reprogram your beliefs about what’s possible, and jump start your momentum forward towards your dreams.

And if you are looking to go deeper yet, or you are ready to turn your passion, your purpose, and your gifts into your profession, Sara and The Council offer monthly transformational coaching and business consulting for those looking to create immediate and long-lasting change in their life, career, business and relationships. Sara and The Council are also helping numerous people to cultivate their own ability to access higher-states of consciousness like The Council.

Experience the incredible wisdom and out-of-this-world vibration of The Council for yourself. We guarantee you will feel more clarity, inspiration, joy and freedom in your life. It just might change everything!


Read the full story of Sara's journey with The Council below.


Sara’s numerous books and courses featuring The Wisdom Of The Council include:

*Manifest Your Soul’s Desires: Become Who You Are Meant To Be 

*Live Your Greatest Calling: How You Can Create Your Best Life Possible

*Perfect Health: Revitalize, Heal, & Transform Your Amazing Body

*Manifest The Love You Want: Relationships, Self-Love, & Finding The One

*Wealth Mastery: Tap Into Your Infinite Supply of Wealth, Abundance, & Prosperity

*Manifest The New Earth: Accelerate The Great Awakening of Yourself & Humanity

*Next Evolution of Spiritual Mastery: Going Beyond The Law of Attraction

*The 11 Spiritual Roles of The Soul: What Role Are You Here To Play?



"Sara is a leader of leaders for the next generation of transformation! Whether in private session, reading her daily inspirations, or participating in her online courses, Sara’s work has been one of my main sources for my personal development since I met her. The shifts that I have personally experienced have been dramatically influenced by Sara and The Council’s capacity to hold and share the vibration of that which I also seek resonance with.”
-John Burgos, Host of Beyond The Ordinary Show

“Sara is an exquisite Channel with Masterful Wisdom, Integrity & Compassion. An experience with Sara is like Coming Home to your own Truth. Allow yourself The Gift of A Lifetime.” -Judy Cali

“Sara Landon and The Council are the next great channel on the planet! They will soon equal, if not surpass Abraham-Hicks in their reach and effect. If you have never listened to Sara and The Council, go to the archives and listen now. The messages are profound and direct as if they are talking specifically to you, even when they are not. If you have listened to them and have not had a one on one session with them yet, it is a must do!” -Brett Williams

“Being introduced to Sara Landon and The Council is like being introduced to a wish-fulfilling tree. As one who has spent their entire adult life on a quest for spiritual fulfillment and attainment, I am in awe of The Council and their love, life-changing wisdom, simplicity of instructions, and humor. Each webinar is more profound than the last. I am a huge fan and apply their tools daily to experience greater peace and joy in my life. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to have more peace, fulfillment, and joy in their lives.” -Linda Ferguson

“I was introduced to an incredible channel who changed my life forever! I am so thrilled to have something so profound in my life. Sara’s passion to help humanity is unparalleled. Such love cannot be found on this planet. The Council’s wisdom is bringing our planet to another level of consciousness. Working with Sara has changed my life and I know it will change yours.” -Sunnie Shea

“I had an AWESOME experience with my hour session with Sara and the Council! The session with Sara and the Council was one of the most TRUTHFUL and UPLIFTING sessions I’ve ever experienced! I’d highly recommend a session with Sara and the Council to EVERYONE on the spiritual path!” -Sue F.

“Immersing myself in the wisdom of the Council has been an amazing experience. I think it is that not only are we hearing words of wisdom, we are being elevated energetically at the same time. There really is nothing to do but allow the transformation to occur, and it truly does. I am so in love with the Council. I am coming home and it feels so good.”-Anna B.

“Sara Landon is a bright beacon of light in the world, and working with her has been an enormous blessing in my life.” -Jack Armstrong

“Sara Landon is a beautiful ANGEL walking amongst us. She and her profound connection with Divine Source are creating miracles in many people’s lives. If you would like help polishing the Diamond that you are, I highly recommend Sara & The Council.” -Christina DeRoche

“How can I describe to you a recent session that I had with Sara Landon who channels The Council? How do you put into words something that was so profound? After the session, in which every question and feeling was addressed, I felt that a deep, profound healing had happened with them. I was given the most incredible gift of my entire life having this session. I don’t say words like this lightly. This was life changing and profound.” -Susan Joan Rini

More About Sara & Her Story

Have you ever found yourself living a seemingly successful life, but inside you were feeling unhappy, alone, and asking yourself, “Is this all there is?”  That is exactly what happened to me. In 2007, I found myself going through what I can only describe as coming to the end of myself. I was financially successful, but spiritually I felt lost and confused. I was married to a good man, had lots of friends, and an active social life. I worked at a fancy corporate job that afforded us a very comfortable lifestyle. Everything looked great from afar.

Yet, deep down I knew that I wasn’t living my truth. I felt like I was living someone else’s dream of the perfect life, but it wasn’t mine. I felt like I was living a lie and inside I was dying. I knew there was so much more to life than what I was living and I knew I was meant to do more. I ignored the feeling, hoping it would go away. I tried to drown it out and pretended I couldn't hear it until finally, the day came when I had to face the truth head-on. On an ordinary day that I will never forget, I was diagnosed with advanced malignant melanoma. Suddenly, I was facing my own mortality. Was I really going to die before I ever really lived?

My story began with a simple upbringing. I came from a loving and supportive family, despite having parents who divorced when I was seven. Although I don’t remember ever wanting for much as a child, we had very little money when I was growing up. As I got older, I realized the overwhelming financial stress that my parents had faced. Vowing to never struggle with money, I started working as a waitress at 14 years old and became determined to be rich, successful and happy. I learned how to achieve anything I put my mind to after years of studying the work of Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie and other motivational teachers. I had created the ideal life by almost anyone’s measure. I had the handsome husband, the high-paying corporate career, the big house in the suburbs, had expensive cars, took elaborate vacations, and gave lots of money to charity.

Within one year of achieving everything I set out to accomplish at a young age, my entire life turned upside down. I was diagnosed with an advanced stage of malignant melanoma. In the year that followed, I had five painful surgeries, endless biopsies and was facing the real possibility that I could die. I began to question everything in my life, and that wasn’t the first time. The first time I questioned everything was a few years earlier when I got a call from my mother telling me that my brother had been killed.

In 2001, my brother died instantly in a car crash. His death awakened something in me and shook me to my core. How was it that in one moment someone could be there and the next moment they are gone forever? I suddenly began to question my own truth and my own beliefs about everything. Shortly after my brother’s death, I began to unexpectedly feel like he was in a room with me and then I started having very vivid, life-like daydreams of him. In these daydreams, we would talk and I would ask him questions about life, death, the meaning of life, what happened after death, and about God. As if he were still alive, he would answer me. I noticed strange coincidences and started knowing things that I had no idea how I knew. It was like I was remembering something that I had forgotten. Terrified by it all, I went back to pursuing my life of riches, success, and happiness even though I knew that something else was going on. There was more to life than what I was living or what I could see with my eyes. I couldn’t explain it, but I could feel it.

I believed in some higher power, but I really didn’t know what to believe back then. I was raised Christian and loved Jesus, but I didn’t believe in hell or sin. Whenever someone told me that sinners and non-believers were going to hell, I would get a horrible knot in my stomach. I would either feel like crying or I would get angry. I was curious about other religions and studied Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Sufism. They all seemed to be saying the same thing, God is love and the way to God is within. I couldn’t understand why religions seemed to separate us, while at the core of each religion’s message they profess that God is in all things.

I also spent many years exploring a spiritual path inspired by my beloved Aunt Sunnie. When I was seven years old, my Aunt Sunnie started teaching me about enlightenment, meditation, reincarnation, channeling, higher levels of consciousness, infinite intelligence, and how we create our lives with our thoughts. I would talk to Aunt Sunnie for hours about what she knew. I loved to hear her share the wisdom she had learned through her journeys with spiritual teachers during the New Age movement. It all made sense to me, despite the fact that the rest of my family rejected most of her beliefs.

My struggle with cancer forced me to question everything I thought I knew and believed. I had literally come to the end of myself and feared that I might die. I needed answers. Are we really born just to acquire a lot of money and stuff and then die? Was I going to hell for believing that there might be more ways to God besides Christianity? Is money the root of all evil and now I was part of this evil? Did God give me cancer? Was this some past-life karma and I deserved it? Had I lived other lives? Why did my brother die? Was it really him who was coming to me in my daydreams and why could I communicate with him so clearly? How was it that I knew things about the other side and yet, I couldn’t explain how I knew them? Why did this seem to have something to do with my life’s calling? Was I going crazy? Some people probably thought so.

Moments before my fifth and final surgery, I had an experience that would change my life forever. My doctor, or someone trying to get a message through to me using my doctor as the messenger, said to me, “Sara, there is nothing more I can do for you. This cancer is coming from inside of you. You are the only one who can stop it. You are the only one who can decide to live and heal this.” Then, the doctor left the room to prep for surgery. I was in shock and chills went through my body. It was like I had been totally asleep in a dream and suddenly someone slapped me awake. He was right. I realized in that moment that I had unknowingly created cancer in my own body so that I didn’t have to face my own truth. I was in an unhappy marriage, but couldn’t imagine leaving my husband and hurting him. I lived in a big, expensive house that I never really wanted. I had spent years pursuing my career and climbing the corporate ladder, only to realize that I had no interest in technology or being a corporate executive. I had created a path by which to die so that I didn’t have to face the truth.

I had to get honest with myself. After three months on my couch healing from surgery, I was cancer free. In the year that followed, I went through a heartbreaking and painful divorce, more horrible than I could have ever imagined. I left my life in Seattle and moved to Southern California. I proceeded to move ten times in seven years. I resigned from my career in the corporate world. Leaving behind my lucrative, comfortable salary, I set out to find my truth. You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. I was terrified. I felt alone. I felt like I had screwed up my entire life. I felt like I was a complete failure.

One afternoon while meditating, I drifted off into the most incredible, realistic daydream. I was walking up a circular stone staircase, like the one you would see in a castle only there were no walls around me. When I came to the top of the staircase, all I could see around me was bright, blue sky. Ahead of me was a brown door, framed in wood, with a solid brass doorknob. I had no idea what might be on the other side of the door. The side I stood on only led back down the stairs to my seemingly perfect life. I was curious and had to know what was on the other side of the door. It felt like I had seen this door before, but I had no idea where and I couldn’t remember when it might have been.

As I opened the door, all I could see on the other side was the endless sky. There was nothing behind the door, not even a single step or a platform to step onto. I had no idea what would happen if I crossed through the doorway into the unknown. All I knew was that if I decided to walk through the doorway, I would have to jump off. Otherwise, I would just be standing in the doorway and I would be stuck. I felt like I was facing the most important decision of my life, although I didn’t feel any pressure. I knew I still had the option to walk back down the stairs and no one would ever know.

I didn’t stand there very long. Something kept urging me forward to see more. In a moment that I could never take back, I stepped through the doorway and leaped into the unknown, not knowing if I would fall to my death or if something unseen would catch me and carry me into a new world. What followed my search that led me to the sacred staircase in the sky changed everything. When you ask for something greater, something greater will come looking for you. The staircase to the doorway in the sky leading to the unknown appears to everyone when you are ready. The unknown will become known and the decision to step through the door will feel choiceless. Greater was the calling indeed and the many questions I asked became answered with one glimpse into the true awesomeness that awaited me.

When I awoke from my daydream, everything felt different. I had a deep knowing that I had never experienced before and my heart was overjoyed with love. Suddenly I had no fear and an absolute knowing of who I really was. I had discovered that I had the courage to do anything. I knew that there was a greater power available to me. This power was in me and I knew that when I stayed aligned to it, anything was possible. I realized that the real part of me was the non-physical part of me, my soul. And, I knew for sure that I wasn’t alone.

I knew that I was responsible for everything that happened to me, the good and the bad, but there was no judgment. Everything was for the purpose of my own growth and expansion. I knew that I was the one creating my life with my thoughts. I had even created my own cancer. I knew if I could create cancer and transcended it that I could create anything and do anything. I knew I could create a life of purpose, meaning, and joy, and somehow, I knew we were all meant to experience that kind of life.

After I had the daydream, I started to have strange experiences in the middle of the night. I would wake up in the morning to find that I had written messages in the notes section of my phone in the middle of the night. I had no memory of writing and no idea where the writing came from. It was certainly not information that I knew and it wasn’t written in the way that I usually speak. The writing was so beautiful, so loving, so wise. This continued for several months, not every night, but often.

During the day, other strange things started to happen. I would look at a clock at it would read 1:11, 11:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, or 5:55. I knew what someone was going to say before they said it. I would think of someone and they would call. I started finding feathers everywhere I walked. I started being “wowed” by flowers, birds, and animals. I would become overwhelmed with blissfulness and feelings of love, for no reason. I felt like I was one with everything and everyone. And as quickly as those feelings came, I would feel the sadness of the human condition and the pain in the world. One moment I was inspired with bliss and seeing 11:11 and the next minute I felt hopeless. I didn’t think anyone would ever understand the love within me and I had no idea how to express the overwhelming love I felt for everyone and everything.

Several months later, I met a woman in Bikram yoga class. I had noticed her in class a few times. On the third day that I saw her, I introduced myself. I asked her how she liked yoga and she replied, “I had to give it a try, but I am never coming back”. I laughed, not surprised, and asked her what she did. She explained she was a hypnosis therapist. “A what?” I asked. She said that she helped people communicate with their Higher Self and connect with their spirit guides. Intrigued and hoping she could help me figure out what was going on, I scheduled a session with her.

My first session with her was amazing. Her process for helping people get into a meditative state was like nothing I had experienced before. Each session was different but seemed to be connecting me into something deeper within myself. It wasn’t until the third session that something happened that would open a whole new world to me. In our third session, she walked me through the same meditation and visualization process as before. Except, this time when she asked, “Do we have permission to talk with Sara’s Higher Self?” a voice that was not my normal voice answered, “Yes”.

My entire body was flooded with an energy, like nothing I had ever felt before. It was like I had been shocked with volts of love and bliss. My hands and feet were tingling and I felt so light that I thought I was floating. The peculiar voice coming through me went on to talk for almost 90 minutes. I didn’t remember much of it, but the whole thing was recorded. As I listened to the recording of my voice with the strange accent, speaking very fast, I realized it was the same information that was coming through in my writing in the middle of the night. I was intrigued, excited, and a bit freaked out by the whole experience.

I had to do it again. I scheduled another session. And again, the peculiar voice came through, only this time I was more aware during the conversation. Although I couldn’t clearly remember everything, I was aware of what “the voice” had talked about. On many occasions, the voice referred to itself as “we”.  It seemed that it was a group of higher conscious beings providing the answers to the questions asked. We continued to do sessions on a regular basis. Each time, more and more of my own awareness was present to the conversation until I was fully present to hear the information that was coming through me but was not coming from me. The information felt like the deepest level of truth I had ever known. As “the voice” spoke, it was more like I was remembering what I already knew.

The basic teachings of The Wisdom of The Council:

  • There is only love.
  • There is a Divine Plan for your life.
  • You create your life with your thoughts.
  • You are meant to live a life that is joyful and fun.
  • You are everything you wish to be, you already are.
  • Your feelings are emotional indicators to how closely you are aligned with your own Truth and your Soul’s desires.
  • You can create your desires easily, effortlessly, and harmoniously when you are aligned to your Soul.
  • You have everything you need within you to create everything that you desire.
  • You can be everything you wish to be, have everything you wish to have, and do everything you wish to do as long as you stay aligned with your Soul’s desires.
  • You wouldn’t have a dream in your heart if you were not capable of achieving it.
  • For the purpose of growth and expansion of your own Soul, you create everything that happens to you, consciously or unconsciously. However, when you begin to live from a conscious, awakened place, you can create in an easy, effortless, peaceful, loving way that supports the expansion and expression of your Soul without trauma and drama.
  • Each and every one of us has come here, by our own choosing, with the desire to advance our own Soul and contribute to the expansion of All That Is.

Doubts and fears entered my mind, despite the fact that I knew, with absolute certainty, that these teachings were true and of the highest intentions. The sessions always felt so pure, blissful and loving.  For almost a year, I told no one of the sessions. I continued to record countless hours of information and have them transcribed. Still, I had no idea what to do with the information.

I began meditating daily and within minutes I could feel myself connect to a higher vibration where I could receive information from The Wisdom. I began writing the information that came to me in journals. After some months of writing, I began recording information that I received from The Wisdom. I wasn’t really sure why, but I just kept trusting it. I had no idea what to do. I didn’t want people to think I was crazy or possessed, but I knew I had to get these teachings into the world and allow other people to experience the wisdom, love, clarity, and energy that came through me.

I started telling a few trusted friends about my experience. They listened to the recordings and began asking to talk with The Wisdom for guidance on their own life situations. They would share their experience with The Wisdom with others and before long people started approaching me to have sessions with The Wisdom. Their encouragement and support inspired me to keep going and I became very fluid at bringing forth The Wisdom.

I have now practiced this vibrational alignment to the point that it is easy for me to go in and out of communication with this higher level of consciousness called, The Council. Some people call it channeling. I don’t know how to explain it or if it really needs to be labeled. I am just honored to be a vessel for the wisdom and spiritual teachings that come through me.

At one point someone asked The Council to explain who they were. This was the explanation:

“We are what is known to you as non-physical consciousness. We communicate through Sara for the purpose of helping humanity remember who they really are. You are not this thing you call a body and you are not this thing you call your life. While you do create your life, it is your experience not who you are.

You are energy. You too are consciousness only you are currently focused in physical form for the purpose of joy, expression, and expansion. You are consciousness exploring the physical realm for the purpose of focused creation and the evolution and expansion of your own Soul, which leads to the evolution and expansion of All That Is.”

I once asked The Council, “Why would non-physical consciousness want to communicate through me?”

“As non-physical consciousness, we are very interested in those of you who are physically focused and are open and eager to communicate with us. Everyone can communicate with us, but few ever do, at least not for any extended period of time or in a way that allows non-physical consciousness to express broader perspectives that would improve the experience as a human for those who are ready to hear us and resonate with our teachings. We are teachers, but we prefer to help guide you to your own truth. We are here to help you remember who you are and why you chose to come here (to the human experience)”.

If you have never been exposed to anything like this, I can understand how strange this may sound to you. At first, I experienced many doubts and fears about telling anyone it. It terrified me to think of what people might say about me. I have learned that this is who I am and it is my life’s purpose.  As much as I tried to hide from it and avoid it so I could just be normal, I know that it is my calling to tell my story and share the extraordinary information that comes through me with others. That is the gift that I am here to give.

Through my own setbacks and quest to live my truth, I was able to connect to this higher conscious awareness for answers. My most important job became to stay aligned with my own inner knowing and have the courage to trust it. Since I started receiving this information, my entire life has transformed in miraculous ways. I began to see how my thoughts were creating my life. Through mastering my thoughts, transcending my fears and limitations, consciously connecting into a higher vibration, and trusting my inner knowing, I discovered my truth. With it came inspiration, enthusiasm, ease and a new level of joy, purpose, meaning, and freedom that I had never before experienced.

Along with The Council, I share with you the processes that helped me to transcend my own limitations and connect with my Soul’s desires to live the life of my dreams. If I can do it, I know it is possible for you. You too have a gift to bring to the world. You probably know what it is and it probably scares you to death, like it did me.

Somewhere right now, I know there is someone that feels alone. Somewhere in this world, someone feels like they have messed up so badly that there is no way out. Somewhere in this world, at this very moment, someone needs the inspiration and guidance to help them remember their own truth and live a life of purpose and meaning. You can overcome any situation, no matter what it is.

My purpose is to be a vessel of love, hope, inspiration, and truth for you to get from where you are right now, no matter what your current situation appears to be, to living the life you intended to live when you chose this life experience. Whether you are wealthy or broke, single or in love, young or old, healthy or sick, you can overcome any situation and live your greater calling. Anything is possible for you. I believe the process of living a life of deep purpose and meaning begins with an unwavering commitment to self-love, courage, and aligned with the power of Source. You are worth it! Your dreams are worth it! You would not even have the dream in your heart if you weren’t capable of achieving it. I believe in you and I am here to support you on your path to discovering your own greater calling in life and living your Soul’s ultimate purpose.

Creating your life is your purpose. It is why you are here. It is time to bring your gift to the world. Listen to yourself. Trust yourself. Live your truth, no matter what it is. It is already within you. Everything you need is already within. Trust it and know that bringing your own unique Soul’s desires to the world is the powerful purpose you set forth for your life. That is the secret to becoming everything you wish to be.

With Great Love,

Sara Landon