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A 5-Week Journey To Becoming Your Ascended Master Self

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Within you lies the power, wisdom and love of a fully realized and actualized Ascended Master.

You have elevated your consciousness, awareness and vibration and NOW it’s time to integrate all that you know, all that you have received and all that you have become.

You, yes YOU, are ready to reconnect and remember the power of your Ascended Master Self.


Who is the Ascended Master Self?

Ascended – One who has risen to a higher viewpoint and perspective of the human experience

Master – One who has practiced reaching elevated levels of light, frequency, vibration, and joy

Self – One who has remembered the part of you that Is the Source of All That Is within you


If you feel drawn in any way to join this course, or to read this, you are ready and you are being called.

This course is an initiation and invitation to remember and reconnect with your Ascended Master Self.


Once you integrate and embody your Ascended Master Self:

  • You will have the wisdom and the power to bring forth the highest vision for humankind.
  • You will reconnect with the sacred knowledge to focus and direct Source energy to create change.
  • You will activate your inner intuition and your ability to bring forth messages, visions, healing and light.
  • You will have a greater perspective and understanding of the planet that you love and live upon.
  • You will be prepared to ascend to the highest states of consciousness and awareness and to the highest vibrations and frequencies of Light that one can allow in human form.


And then, you will begin to see what this awe, inspiring, omnipotent power and wisdom of your Ascended Master Self can do in your life and in the world!





This course includes the wisdom and teachings to guide you step-by-step to embodying and integrating the power and the wisdom of your Ascended Masters Self.


This live, five-part online channeled course, plus live Q&A, includes:

Part One:

The Invitation From The Ascended Master Self

Part Two:

The Integration Of The Ascended Master Self

Part Three:

The Wisdom Of The Ascended Master Self

Part Four:

The Power Of The Ascended Master Self

Part Five:

The Ascended Master Self In The World


*Replays and transcripts of all calls are provided.









A Guided Course & Practical Steps To

Living, Loving & Leading In An Awakening World


You are here to help create a new paradigm for humankind.

You are love in action here to raise the consciousness level.

You are Light in physical form here to create your life experience

and everything you intended it to be.


This is the most incredible time that has ever happened in human history as the Great Awakening of our human family is about to occur. The next wave of humankind will awaken at an unprecedented rate and intimately affect the lives of our family members, friends, co-workers, and those in our communities. With your help, the awakening journey of those around you can be a more loving, gentle and harmonious experience as one steps through the veil of illusion and into the Light.


A new path forward is emerging and expanded possibilities for humankind are becoming the new way of living, loving, leading and thriving in our awakening world! It is time for the leaders and wayshowers of this Great Awakening to fully step into their power and guide the way forward.


What is the Great Awakening and what role do YOU play?

How do you use YOUR gifts and abilities to positively impact the world around you?

What is really possible for humankind and how can YOU help make it a reality?


You, yes YOU, have a major role in the Great Awakening that is taking place on our planet at this time. In fact, you have probably always known this somewhere deep within your heart. You dream of a world where there is peace, joy, love, abundance and harmony for all beings. You feel a deep sense of responsibility for creating a better world for others. You know you have some important mission or purpose in this life, but likely still feel unsure exactly what that is and how to fulfill it. You might even feel stuck, unable to move forward or overwhelmed trying to figure out how to share your gifts and live your purpose.


You are a Wayshower! You arehere to assist in the Great Awakening and help create a new paradigm of love, relationships, health, wealth and community. You have been uniquely prepared with gifts, talents and abilities that you are here to share with the world as part of your mission. There has never been a more important time to embrace your power, ignite the force of love within you and Light the path forward as a leader during this time of awakening and ascension.


Whether you have been on a spiritual path your entire life or just beginning to awaken to the power within you, it’s time to start living your purpose in a meaningful, fulfilling way. If you are reading this, you are ready to live your destiny and embark on the personal journey to living in higher dimensions of existence where new possibilities and potentials are waiting for you!


You can call it Heaven on Earth, The New Earth, The 5thDimension or The Ascension. It is the Promise of a world without separation, prejudice, fear, scarcity and suffering. Your Highest Potential in this life experience is to live fully conscious and awakened in the extraordinary and miraculous world of the 5thDimension.Yet, as a Wayshower, your greatest joy and fulfillment will come from using your unique gifts and abilities to illuminate the path so that others may also find their way to the Light.


There is a dream within the heart of every Wayshower and a knowing that a better way is possible. It’s time to fully activate the power and the dream within you and become a co-creator of love, beauty, peace, harmony and abundance on Earth. The 5thDimension is here and available to everyone, but you can NOT take the earthly burdens and limited systems of the 3rdDimension into these higher states of being. The old ways simply will not work for you anymore!


You absolutely must release all guilt, shame, and feelings of unworthiness. You must surrender the need to control and force the outcome. You must release your old stories and the pains of the past. They do NOT serve your best interests or the greater good that is seeking to manifest through you.


Love, joy, peace, abundance and well-being are your Divine Birthright! To align with these things, you MUST love yourself and cultivate a deep sense of Self-worth. It is ONLY when you embody your own Self-love and Self-worth that you can truly love, lead and inspire others.You will create more meaningful, authentic relationships and experience the love, acceptance, respect and devotion you desire from others.


It is up to YOU to accelerate the evolutionary awakening experience within you and reach for the highest level of Self-mastery and Self-expression. There is a deep-seated desire within you to use the gifts you came here to give and to manifest the dreams in your heart. Youare Light focused in physical form. It is YOUR MISSION to create impeccably through the process of converting Light into form.


You possess within you the highest virtues, qualities and abilities. You are compassionate, kind, loving, intuitive, creative and desire peace, joy, love and abundance for all of humankind, as well as animals and the planet. It’s up to YOU to embody your Truth, fulfill your mission here and live a Soul-inspired life powered and guided by your Sacred Heart.


If you want to live in a more loving, peaceful, abundant world, you must first create it within you and only then, will you discover the power within you to co-create it in the world around you. THE TIME IS NOW! You have been uniquely prepared to help create a new paradigm of love, relationships, health, wealth and community. The opportunity is here NOW and it’s up to you!

Will you accept the invitation to walk The Path of The Wayshower and help create

The New Paradigm of Love, Relationships, Health, Wealth & Community?

This powerful, life-transforming course includes the wisdom and teachings to guide you step-by-step to living, loving, leading and thriving in an awakening world!

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The Path Of The Wayshower Course


Remembering The Promise:

The Divine Mission & Responsibility Of The Wayshower

Join Sara Landon & The Council as they guide you through the process of remembering your Divine Mission and your role in the Great Awakening. Discover how your own awakening experience uniquely prepared you to be a Wayshower.

In Part 1, you will discover:

  • What is the Great Awakening & why you came to be part of it
  • How your own great awakening prepared you for this time
  • Discover how the events of your life have been Divinely Orchestrated
  • How to discern what is your responsibility and what isn’t your duty
  • Why your responsibility is not exactly what you might think it is!
  • Practical steps to living your purpose and fulfilling mission in your everyday life


The Role Of The Wayshower:

How To Use Your Gifts, Abilities & Power

Join Sara Landon and The Council as you discover your unique gifts, qualities and abilities and why you must choose how you want to share your gifts with the world. Get clear on your purpose and how to fulfill it so that you never again feel stuck, overwhelmed or unable to move forward.

In Part 2, you will discover:

  • How to consciously cultivate the essential virtues and traits of the Wayshower
  • Why you feel stuck, unclear and overwhelmed about your purpose and using your gifts
  • Get clear on your unique gifts, talents and abilities & how to use them
  • What is already decided and what choice you have in your Divine Mission
  • How to embrace your power, ignite the force of love within you and Light the path forward
  • Why Self-expression is an essential part of the path of the Wayshower
  • Practical steps to Self-love, Self-worth, Self-mastery and Self-expressio



Living Your Divine Purpose:

Co-creating, Manifesting & Converting Light To Form

Join Sara Landon and The Council as you learn how to manifest the dreams in your heart and why it is YOUR MISSION to create impeccably through the process of converting Light into form. Understand how to use your personal power for your Highest Good and the Greater Good of all.

In Part 3, you will discover:

  • What does it mean to convert Light into form
  • When to radiate power and Light out versus when to draw it to you
  • Difference between impeccable manifestation and misusing power
  • Discover the dreams in your heart and how to manifest them
  • How to never again manifest from lack, scarcity, fear or not-enoughness
  • How to stop creating a gap between your desires and their instant manifestation
  • Practical steps to converting Light into form and manifesting your dreams



The New Paradigm:

Love, Health, Success & Money In The 5th Dimension

Join Sara Landon & The Council as you discover the difference between 3rd Dimension & 5th Dimension and why things work differently in higher states of consciousness.  Discover how to get to the 5th Dimension and how to STAY THERE!

In Part 4, you will discover:

  • Why the old ways of the 3rdDimension will not work in the 5thDimension
  • What is Heaven on Earth, The New Earth, The 5thDimension and The Ascension
  • How to get into higher dimensions of existence and consciousness
  • Understand exactly how things work in the 5thDimension & how they are different
  • How to create love, health, money, success and community in the 5thDimension
  • Practical steps to using your power to navigate change and create the new paradigm


Part 5 –

The New Earth Leadership Roles:

Leading The Way In An Awakening World:

Join Sara Landon & The Council as you discover how to Light the path forward to a better way and embrace your role as a leader in our awakening world. Learn the difference between the role of teacher, guide, healer and wayshower and precisely when to play each role.

In Part 5, you will discover: 

  • How to become an employee of the Universe & what it means for you
  • When to play the roles of teacher, guide, healer and wayshower
  • Needing approval and fitting in vs. speaking your truth and illuminating the path
  • How to Light the path for others and embody the spiritual roles of leadership
  • Learn how to handle difficult situations and conversation & not lose your alignment
  • Using power and consciousness to create change and impact the world around you
  • Practical steps to love, inspiration and leadership in action



The Missing Piece For The Wayshower:

Finding Your Soul Family In the 5th Dimension




It’s time to create a new paradigm of relationships, success, health,

wealth and freedom!