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What People Are Saying:

"The Universe really does have our back.  I know that with my steady focus on living in the flow, with ease, effortlessness and fun, I was Guided right to Sara Landon, channel extraordinaire of The Council.  From the start, I felt my Soul's resonance with Sara's loving heart and The Council's teaching about how to raise my vibration and maintain it.  What does my life look like now?  I have transformed anxiety from the past into pure, powerful awareness that I am free to live my dreams and I'm here to assist others to live theirs.  I have a delicious, steady feeling of exhilaration about my current circumstances, AND an awareness that the expansion that's been promised is unfolding every day.  Miracles and Magic are the order of the day.  As a psychotherapist, I am thrilled and amazed each time I experience the profound upgrade in my ability to guide and uplift my clients to the peace, joy and love of their true nature.  With my Divine Spark radiating brighter than ever, and offering the simplest, most fun and effective practices to my clients, the ripple effect carries all of us to the highest space of the power of Divine Love."
Jill Lebeau, MFT,  Psychotherapist and Co-Author of Feng Shui Your Mind, Four Easy Steps to Rapidly Transform Your Life!
Jill Lebaeu

"Remembering, Experiencing, Manifesting, Shining, Sharing, Expanding, BEing our True Divine Nature with absolute Integrity and Authenticity. YESS!!! The time is NOW... and LOVE Is All There IS! With Infinite Gratitude."

Andrea in Geneva

"OMG — the perfection of the timing of this call!!!! I totally get that I am here for the expansion of my soul... This call is an answer to my prayer. Thank you."

Kathleen in Queenstown, NZ

"I not only flipped the switch, I pulled the string, turned on the flashlight, lit the candle and lit the fire. The light is turned on! The next step will be illuminated!!!! So much joy. What I am seeking is seeking me."

Annette in Portland

"Thank you so much for your advice, I really needed to hear this! Blessings and Love for you!"

Bianca in The Netherlands

"Thank you for taking my call. Perfect process for the little girl within when she feels lost and alone, leading into the place of being curled up in bed yesterday. I can give her love and compassion, and putting her and that feeling in my palm and lifting her to Light feels so profound!!!"

Anne in Carrollton

“Sara Landon and The Council are the next great mediumship on the planet! They will soon equal, if not surpass Abraham-Hicks in their reach and effect. If you have never listened to Sara and The Council, go to the archives and listen now. The messages are profound and direct as if they are talking specifically to you, even when they are not. If you have listened to them and have not had a one on one session with them yet, it is a must do!”

Brett Williams

“Being introduced to Sara Landon and The Council is like being introduced to a wish-fulfilling tree. As one who has spent their entire adult life on a quest for spiritual fulfillment and attainment, I am in awe of The Council and their love, life-changing wisdom, simplicity of instructions, and humor. Each webinar is more profound than the last. I am a huge fan and apply their tools daily to experience greater peace and joy in my life. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to have more peace, fulfillment, and joy in their lives.”

Linda Ferguson

“I was introduced to an incredible channel who changed my life forever! I am so thrilled to have something so profound in my life. Sara’s passion to help humanity is unparalleled. Such love cannot be found on this planet. The Council’s wisdom is bringing our planet to another level of consciousness. Working with Sara has changed my life and I know it will change yours.”

Sunnie Shea

“I had an AWESOME experience with my hour session with Sara and the Council! The session with Sara and the Council was one of the most TRUTHFUL and UPLIFTING sessions I’ve ever experienced! I’d highly recommend a session with Sara and the Council to EVERYONE on the spiritual path!”

Sue F.

“Immersing myself in the wisdom of the Council has been an amazing experience. I think it is that not only are we hearing words of wisdom, we are being elevated energetically at the same time. There really is nothing to do but allow the transformation to occur, and it truly does. I am so in love with the Council. I am coming home and it feels so good.”

Anna B.

“Sara Landon is a bright beacon of light in the world, and working with her has been an enormous blessing in my life.”

Jack Armstrong

“Sara Landon is a beautiful ANGEL walking amongst us. She and her profound connection with Divine Source are creating miracles in many people’s lives. If you would like help polishing the Diamond that you are, I highly recommend Sara & The Council.”

Christina DeRoche

“How can I describe to you a recent session that I had with Sara Landon who channels The Council? How do you put into words something that was so profound? After the session, in which every question and feeling was addressed, I felt that a deep, profound healing had happened with them. I was given the most incredible gift of my entire life having this session. I don’t say words like this lightly. This was life changing and profound.”

Susan Joan Rini

“Sometimes an experience is beyond words to convey. It must be personally felt to be fully understood. I can only say that there is something uniquely liberating available when spending time with these energies who call themselves The Council. And Sara Landon gives herself fully to allowing this to come forth. I can only say that, as a result of Sara’s unwavering focused frequency of love, something permanently shifted for me.”

Leslie Sherman

"My session with the Council exceeded everything I hoped or thought it would be. Their message and answers to my questions were shared with such grace that I can barely put it into words myself. The vibration that they held and then we held together was magnificent. I feel such Peace now. I will never be the same."

Sara Cerny

"Working with Sara and also with The Council has been a deeply freeing experience full of crystal clear clarity, Joy and tangible Divine Love ushering into my being a deep peace and joy. The clarity I now have as a result of our sessions together has assisted in removing the blocks I had in regards to how I am here to best serve Humanity, Gaia and the Divine Beloved Creator of All That Is. A experience like this is deep and very personal. Words do not fully convey the magnitude of the impact working with Sara and The Council has blessed my life with on all levels."

Candice Souza-Suarez

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